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There are many different types of things that females like to beautify. One of such things will include nails. It is very tough to grow nails and even more tough to maintain them. Even a small deficiency in the Vitamins might lead to layered nails or thin nails that can chip off easily. So, it is important to maintain the beauty of the nails by decorating them whenever possible. Now, the best way to decorate them is through nail art. There are numerous nail art designs available online that can be very tough to apply on your hands. So, here some of the tips are mentioned that can help in making your nails look beautiful easily at home.


Colourful nails can enhance the overall beauty of your nails. The simple method of applying sprinklers will include two different colours and one paintbrush. All you have to do is apply a basic white layer on your nails and take the other colour with a brush. Now, position the brush above your nails and sprinkle colour from the brush with the help of your finger. It would create a beautiful design on the nails but it will also spoil the overall fingers. So, you will have to remove the extra colour from your fingers later.


Flowers usually look good with anything. So, you can use flowers to decorate your nails. You will have to apply a thick layer of white as the background on your nails. The second step would require a colour that looks good on white and a thin paintbrush. You can then dip the thin brush in colour and start drawing a flower on your nails. The flower might not be perfect but it will create a glamorous look with two colours on the nails.


The Ombre art had become quite famous and it has been trending ever since. The design with disturbed colour attracts many people. However, it might look tough but it is quite easy to make such a design. All you will need is a cotton stab to make the design. You will have to apply a base coat on your finger and mix your choice of colour on a plastic sheet. Now, dip the cotton stub in the mixture and press it on your finger. The disturbed design will be created with the texture of the cotton.


A dual colour nail art is always going to be in the trend and it is quite easy to do it. However, if you need perfection than you can use scotch tape. You will have to apply a base colour on your finger and let it dry completely. Once, the colour is dry, you can attach the scotch tape on the nail in the desired design such as diagonal. Now, apply the second colour on the open part of the nail and remove the tape in the direction of the coat. This will give a perfect design with a neat line in between the two colours.


Everyone thinks that making a galaxy on your fingers might be tough but that is not the case. The galaxy preparation is quite easy and you will need four colours – white, black, metallic blue, green and pink for it. You will have to apply a regular coat of black on your nail. Later, you can use a sponge and apply metallic blue, green and pink colour on your nails. After the paint has dried, you can use a toothpick and create a white small circle on your nails which will complete the galaxy look.


Creating small triangles on the nails will give a beautiful look to the nails. However, the creation will require a lot of scotch tape. You will have to apply a base coat to your nails and use scotch tape to create small triangles on your nails. You can apply different colours on the different triangles and that can help in creating a beautiful look on the nails.


Polka dots can never go out of trend in clothes or in nail art. It is very easy to create the polka dots as they can be created with the help of toothpick or bobby pin. You will have to select two colours that contrast each other and start applying the base colour in alternate fingers. Once, the base is dry, you can use a toothpick to create dots on the nails. Thus, the overall look of polka dots will be created without any issues.


It is very tough to draw different designs on the nails but if you are confident then do that in water. All you have to do is take water and drop different colour in the water. Make sure that you drop the colour from a lower height. After making a proper design in the water, you can dip your finger in the bottom of those colours. The colours will stick to your nails when you remove your hand from it. Thus, you will get a beautiful design on your nails.


Fishnet Nail Art

Using different things that are available at home is the best way to get the desired design. You will have to apply a base coat on your nail and cover it with fishnet. Apply another colour on the fishnet and you will get the fishnet pattern on your nails. This is the best and simple method to draw a beautiful design on your nails.

Thus, you can use any of the above-stated methods to decorate your nails with the help of nail art. The simple methods mentioned here are easy to conduct at home and you would not need any expertise to do it. The nails are an important part of the body and maintaining and beautifying them will help in enhancing the overall look of the hands. Thus, the usual nail art here will help you in using the tricks to decorate your nails easily at home.

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