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Dark underarms and elbows can restrict you from wearing sleeveless clothing in public. Dark shade lips may reveal you’re bad habits. They don’t look very much attractive. Having dark spots on the knees may force you to wear full pants outdoors most of the time. These are a few issues that are faced by many, and women, in general, are very much cautious about this situation. So, if you are also one amongst these individuals, then you need to look around for instant home-made remedies. Here in this content we will try and discuss some general remedies and some that are specific for treating each above-mentioned condition.


Apple is essential for good health. It cleanses your blood and purifies your body from toxins. Apple scrubs can be used for getting rid of dark-coloured underarms and knee patches. If you have dark-coloured armpits then you can make use of apple scrub to cleanse the region. Regular use will help in removing dark patches from your knees and elbow regions as well. Eating apples can help offer pink colour to your lips as well as it purifies your blood.


Sandalwood and saffron are easily available in most homes today. They are used as bets herbal remedies in several treatments. You need to prepare a mix of sandalwood and saffron mix in rose water. Always ensure that you only prepare mild lotion that is easy to apply. Just apply the mix to the elbow, underarms, and knee region and leave it for few minutes. Leaving overnight may not be necessary. Later on, you can rinse it with luke-warm water.


Honey can be applied to the lips if you have discoloured lips. It helps in retaining back the natural pink colour of the lips. You can also make use of sugar syrup on the lip region. Apply gently and leave it for a few minutes before washing. Honey and lemon juice mixture can also be applied to the underarm, knees, and elbow regions. If you have black or brown coloured patches, then the honey and lemon juice mix is useful in treating it effectively. You can also rub the affected area with a cucumber piece.


Coconut oil is a good cleansing agent. It is also very commonly used as the main ingredient when performing an oil pulling technique for the cleansing oral cavity. It does not harm your body organs. You can apply warm coconut oil to the underarm, elbow, and knee regions. The oil has to be left to the affected region for over fifteen minutes and then cleaned. This will remove all back patches from these areas.


Orange skin can be used as the best scrub for treating dark patches from underarms, knee, and elbows. Beauticians also make use of orange peel as a facial mask or on the lip region to treat dark coloured lips. You can take the powder of orange peel mixed with water or rose water. It has to be applied to the affected region and left for a few minutes. At least ensure that you leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes.

  • MILK:

Milk is an essential ingredient that contains a lot of fats. It helps in improving skin texture and colour. You can also use fresh milk and apply to the underarms, elbow, and knees. This mix has to be applied regularly before bathing. Milk has vitamins and fats that will help maintain the right skin tone in these regions. Drinking milk is also good for skin health.


Potatoes and lemons can be used as a natural scrub. They are a rich source of vitamins and act as a natural bleaching agent. You can mash potato and apply it to the knees, elbow, and underarms alike. Potato slice and juice will also offer similar results. A little amount of lemon juice can be mixed to the mashed potato before applying. This acts as a perfect bleaching agent. If you have dark-coloured underarms and knees, then this is the best home-made remedy.


Baking soda has always been known for its natural bleaching action. It is used to clean the dead skin cells. You have to mix a little amount of baking soda to water and form a thick paste-like gel. This can be used as scrub near the underarm, knee, and elbow region. You need to keep in mind that baking soda cannot be applied to the lip region.


Curd and gram flour (besan) mix are very much effective for treating dark-coloured skin. it can directly be applied to the affected part. You can also use the same mix on your lips as gram flour will not affect your health. The mix has to be left for some time before it is washed.


Vinegar is a good cleansing agent and for treating underarms, knees, and elbow regions you can make use of apple cider vinegar. You have to mix the vinegar with baking soda and apply gently to the affected area. The mix should not be left for over ten minutes. You can wash it with warm water for the best results. This is a very much effective and time tested remedy.


You can also make use of olive oil as a scrub in the knee, underarm and elbow region. It can also be applied to the lip, as it is edible. The oil can be best used to massage these areas.


Aloe has been known for its benefits. Fresh or dry aloe can be used as a scrub to remove dark patches. It has to be applied and left for some time. You can also use Aloe gel that is easily available in the market.


Rose petals and milk mix may not be the ideal choice for underarms but can be applied to the lips to retain its natural pink colour. You just have to ensure that you only make use of fresh rose petals mixed in milk to form a paste.


Sugar scrub is also very effective for treating lips, underarms, knees, and elbow regions. It helps in the process of exfoliation of the dead skin cells. It also acts as the best moisturizer. You can use it as a gentle scrub.

  • BEET:

Beetroot is a good scrubbing agent. It offers your skin with the best pink tone. It can be applied to your lips as well. Slices of beetroot can be used to scrub underarms and elbow regions as well.

Many such home-made remedies will prove helpful in treating dark underarms, elbow, knees, and lips permanently. Most of these are natural remedies that are available in your local kitchen.


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