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Beauty and Style

It is only to be expected that humans would still be obsessed with the way they look; the earliest evidence of makeup can be traced back to nearly 7000 years ago. But the first modern makeup, made its appearance in the form of mascara, some 3000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, and the last time we checked, the demand for the product has grown exponentially over the last few thousand years.

The fact remains that beauty; style and health are intricately linked today, where most of the heavy elements which were used as a base (such as antimony and arsenic) have all been replaced with healthier options. In fact, most of the make-up products that you glimpse in the markets are often subjected to rigorous quality tests, before the product is approved for launch. Take the mascara for example – it has certainly evolved from a form of eye protection to something that’s an essential part of any woman’s make up kit and it has certainly developed more functionality in the sense that it is now waterproof as well. Some of the top mascara brands are 100% waterproof and designed not to result in goops and mascara stains, all around your eyes. And that’s just one product, so you can imagine the advancements in various other types of products as well.

Today, most of the makeup elements from the foundation cream to mascara happen to be eye proof and designed to stay up a lot longer. You can certainly expect to get your money’s worth with some of the top brands in the market. Just remember that you may want to look around before purchasing the first beauty product that you come across. A good place to start would be with some online research since you can check and see what the other customers had to say about this particular product. This can usually clue you in as to the efficacy of the product itself, and whether it is indeed worthwhile purchasing the same. At the end of the day, the price also matters, so you need to opt for a highly functional makeup product, one that comes with all the advanced functionality you need, and at the same time, with an attractive price tag.

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