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Healthy and shiny skin is what everyone prefers especially women. When skin shines naturally, it glows inside out. Because of the hectic schedule in our everyday lives, skin tends to get exposed to harmful chemicals which lead to the creation of dead skin cells. Excessive exposure to harmful sun rays also leads to dry skin. Preferring home remedies in these cases is the best solution as they are free from chemicals and works effectively on your skin. Some of these remedies are listed as under:


Lemon is considered to be one of the best ingredients that contain natural brightening substance in it. It helps in the removal of tan and the citric acid present in it helps to remove dead skin cells. Lemon helps in bleaching and cleansing of the skin. The procedure is not hard at all. You need to take lemon juice and sugar and mix it well together. Apply it in a circular motion on your skin for twice a week for visible results.


When you talk of natural remedies, turmeric is known by everyone. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in them because of curcumin which does all the magic. The production of collagen increases which brings back the glow of your skin. The free radicals that are produced in your skin are killed by turmeric. Take some turmeric powder and gram flour and mix it well. Addition of milk helps in the creation of a soft paste. Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. This method can be practiced once a week.

  • HONEY:

Honey is one such natural ingredient which helps in making your skin soft and supple. It contains antimicrobial properties which kill the small harmful bacteria that can get into your skin because of the pollution. You see a reduction of blemishes and the skin brightens. Apply honey on your damp skin. Keep honey in your face for some time and wash it off. Honey can be applied every alternate day because it is that good for the skin.


Papaya is popular as an exfoliator as it is rich in an enzyme that removes the dead skin cells from the upper layer and gives you younger-looking skin. The breakouts in the face leading to acne are also removed from the skin. The oil and dirt in your skin are cleaned naturally. Take some ripe papayas and make it into a paste by using some honey. Apply it all over your face and even in your neck and then rinse it off with cold water. Honey helps to hydrate the skin along with papayas. This method can be done once every week.


Rosewater is used as a skin toner and cleanser which refreshes the skin and makes it bright and soft. Rosewater also has properties that stimulate the circulation of blood in the skin. The pH balance of the skin is maintained and acne remains at bay. Take some rose water in your hands and also a cotton ball and apply it all over your face and neck. It can be applied both in the morning and also in the evening. When not in use, rose water can be kept in the fridge.

  • MILK:

From times immemorial, milk has been used as a facial cleanser along with honey. Unsaturated milk contains a lot of mineral and vitamins in them like calcium, protein and Vitamin C in them. All of these ingredients are skin-friendly and works wonders on your skin. Take milk and honey and at times, you can also take flour. Mix all of these to form a fine paste and apply it on your skin and neck. Applying this twice a week can give you soft and glowing skin within a shorter period of time.


Saffron is another such ingredient which has been used to cleanse the skin to the utmost. Saffron helps to protect skin from UV rays and keeps skin healthy at all times. Take one tablespoon of honey and some saffron mixed in it. The saffron strands should be soaked in it for some time. The saffron dipped in honey should be applied on your face and rinsed off after 10 minutes. This is a simple process which can be done every 2 to 3 times a week.


Bitter gourd or karela is a very good vegetable which helps in the digestion process and also at the same time, it improves the blood circulation in the body to give you glowing skin from within. All the infections from your skin are removed thoroughly. Take out the seeds of the bitter gourd and then mix it with lemon juice after cutting it into small pieces. Mix black salt and pepper into the juice and then drink it. Bitter gourd or karela juice can be taken every day because it is really beneficial for the body and also skin.


Bananas are rich in Vitamin B, A, C and E which helps in hydration of the skin. The presence of potassium also does make skin soft. Bananas can be taken daily for effective results or paste can also be made of it. The blemishes are lightened and the skin looks glowing and healthy. Take ripe bananas, milk and a cube of ice. Mash the bananas, add milk to it and then form a paste. Add an ice cube to it and apply it to your neck and skin. Bananas are really good for the skin and can be used daily or at least once every 3 days.

These are some of the home remedies which can be used to get fresh and glowing skin. Maintenance of a healthy and balanced diet also is necessary for the same. Caring for your skin depends on how well you can maintain it. Bring that charm and glow back into your face with these wonderful ingredients.


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