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You can never have a bad day if you have a good lipstick. Lipsticks are women’s favorite makeup tool, even when you are going for low makeup look a good lipstick can enhance your gaze. Lipstick is not only for a special occasion but a makeup tool for everyday use. And when it comes to lipsticks Lakme is the brand that is not only the most popular but also the most trusted ones.

Lakme is an Indian brand that has made its presence felt in the whole world, all its products are made in India and used everywhere. One can be very sure of the quality of materials used while making of Lakme lipsticks

Lakme lipsticks come in a variety of shades and colors to choose from. It also has some premium lipsticks variety which is difficult to get in other brands. Lakme is famous for its unique color and glossy lipsticks. And the way Lakme lipsticks look on your face is a truly wonderful experience.

Below are a few pros and cons for using Lakme lipsticks in your day to day life:



1. Premium Quality: Lakme is one of the biggest brands in the cosmetic industry which guarantees you one thing which is quality. All its products are of premium quality and well tested. Being an international brand all the Lakme products are made as per international standards, which does not allow any unwanted material in the lipstick.

2. No Side Effects: Another benefit of using a widely used trusted brand is that there no chance of any side effect on your lips. No lip irritation no rashes nothing, these lipsticks are made very carefully and wonderfully. All the lipsticks sit nicely on lips without even make you feel like you are wearing any.

3. Matte Lipsticks: Lakme also makes good quality matte lipsticks, which looks just awesome on your lips. If you are a fan of matte colors then your then Lakme lipsticks are the ones for you. The finish which you will get with these lipsticks is just impeccable.

4. Intense Color Payoff: One thing about Lakme color is that its color doesn’t fade quickly, once you apply the lipsticks it’s going to last. Also, you don’t need to have multiple swipes to get the result just one swipe is enough. And the colors are just the right amount of vibrant, not too shady not too intense.

5. Fragrance: Lakme lipsticks don’t come with cheap flowery fragrance but it comes with a rich cosmetic and sweet fragrance which makes you feel good about it. It comes with multiple fragrances which you can choose as per your comfort, it even comes with no fragrance if you prefer that.

6. Packaging: Being a premium brand Lakme has a reputation to maintain and the first thing a customer looks at any product is its packaging. Hence extra care is given to packing of these lipsticks which gives it a clean yet superior look. The packaging is very delicate looking which makes you feel like it is a precious thing.

7. Wide Range: No matter what is your preference with lipsticks, you like glossy or matte, Lakme has got you covered. They come in various shapes, shades, and colors that you might get spilled by the choice. They have one of the biggest range of lipstick patterns you can even imagine.


1. Dry Lips: Although very rare but some people have suggested that their lips got dried after using Lakme lipsticks. This may happen due to the high content of wax and less content of oil in some of its shades.

2. Cost-effectiveness: This is the price you have to pay (quite literally) if you are going for a premium brand. Although they are not expensive they are comparatively cost on the higher side. And some premium color also might put an extra burden on your pockets.

3. Layering can look cakey: Applying multiple layers can look cakey at times so it should be avoided.

4. Fine Shimmers: Some of the shades might have few shimmers in it so if you are not a fan then you might want to select appropriately.

This was our experience with Lakme lipsticks, be sure to try on its various colors and shades.


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