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Every person suffers from one of the other problems related to hair. Some would face hair loss or growth problems or others might face the issue of greying of hair. Some people like grey hair but if the greying takes place in the twenties then it would require a proper solution. There are many different medications available in the market but instead of that, it would be better to use some home remedies as highlighted below.


Shikakai is a plant that is good for the hair. Usually, the Ayurvedic shampoos contained a pinch of Shikakai because it is well known that the component will impart good health to the hair. Moreover, it is also easy to prepare the same at home. All you have to do is collect one or two pods of Shikakai and grind it to make a fine powder. The powder would be tough to apply directly on the hair, so mix it with sour curd, apply on the scalp and wash after 15 minutes. Thus, this will provide the best results and stop the premature greying of hair.


Coconut oil is the best type of oil that is essentially used for proper hair growth. It contains a lot of nutrients along with some proteins that improve growth. However, including curry leaves in the mix will help in stopping the premature greying of hair. The mixture is also easy to prepare. You have to boil six to seven curry leaves in coconut oil for 10 minutes. You can apply the mixed oil on scalp after it has cooled down.


Many people use Henna to give colour to their grey hair. However, henna can make your hair look dry. So, it is important to add egg in the mixture which would impart smoothness to the hair. Moreover, the mixture will help in reducing all the problems related to grey hair. You have to mix an egg with henna and you can also add curd to the mix. Apply the mixture in hair and wash off after 30 minutes. This hair pack will help in improving the hair growth, stopping grey hair and giving a proper shine to the hair.


Mustard has been used in almost every food item preparation since ages. The reason being that it is very healthy as it contains antioxidants, healthy fats and selenium. So, using mustard oil to massage the hair will also show many benefits such as stopping the premature greying of hair. The oil is readily available in the market and you can use it directly. However, if you want to keep the oil overnight then you will have to use a shower cap as the oil is very sticky. Many people use mustard oil in their food preparation and that too can help in proper growth of hair.


The ribbed guard is known for stopping the premature greying of hair. The application of the guard would require some preparations. You can take olive oil and add a grated ribbed guard to it. Make sure that the guard is dry before adding it to oil. Keep the solution as it is for about five days and then boil it. The mixture would be perfect to use after it has gotten black dark colour. You can massage it on your scalp to stop the greying of hair.


Black tea has many health benefits compared to the milky tea. If the person is addicted to tea then they will want to have any type of tea. While the milky tea can be very addictive, it causes harm to the body. So, it is important to switch to black tea. Apart from that, black tea contains nutrients that can stop the greying of hair. Moreover, adding salt to black tea will enhance its overall features. Thus, add salt to the black tea and massage the solution on the scalp to get the best results.


Black seeds or kalonji has been known for preventing hair loss and greying of hair. So, the best method would be to use it for stopping the premature greying of hair. However, these days black seeds oil is readily available in the market. You can take the black seeds oil and massage it on the scalp to improve the quality of hair. It would give good results if you are using the oil thrice in one week. The readily available oil will reduce the efforts of making any hair pack.


Amla and almond have many benefits for the body of the person. They can not only improve health but can also improve hair growth and quality. The best way would be to mix amla juice and lemon juice in almond oil. Warm the solution a bit and apply it to the scalp to stop the premature growing of hair. Keeping the solution overnight on hair will hair in showing the best results. Thus, this will help in improving the overall health of the hair.


Onion has been known for improving the hair growth drastically and a drop or two of lemon will enhance its features and stop the greying of hair. You have to grind the onion and filter it so that you would get fresh juice. If the solution is not filtered then there are chances that the onion pieces would get stuck in your hair. So, filtering will help in removing the excess of onion. After filtering, you can add lemon juice in the onion juice and apply the mixture in your hair. You can wash it off after 30 minutes and it will help in stopping the premature greying of hair.

These home remedies would show a hundred per cent results for all types of hair. However, the duration of results may vary. So, it is important to stick one regime and to follow it religiously to get the best results.

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