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When it comes to makeup, there are various kinds of makeup, right from casual to gothic, and bridal makeups. The list goes on, but when it comes to any kind of make-up, three elements make up the basic core of the whole makeup – foundation, compact and concealer. You would require a concealer that matches your skin tone, foundation cream to form a base, and of course, the handy compact, with which you can use to repair your makeup and add last-minute touches.  Check out the various types of makeups posted below,


As inane as that may seem, it seems that the perfect look is to look as if you are not sporting any makeup at all. One of the reasons that you may want to opt for natural makeup is that it comes with a mineral base, mineral eye shadows, to the point that your skin takes on a flawless hue and that the organic makeup, makes your face pop. Moreover, the whole point to the makeup is to look naturally elegant without looking as if you sport on too much makeup.


If you are planning to head out for the evening, then you would definitely need a good sound base, one that can help you apply a dazzling makeup, to make you stand out for the right reasons.  You may want to opt for dark eyeliners, dark eye shadows since that seems to be the popular choice these days. The rest of the makeup depends on your personality and where you intend to head out to.


Prom makeup stands in a special category, all of its own. Prom makeups usually involve heavy makeup, complete with false lashes; elaborate coiffures, heavy makeup, engineered to dazzle the dance floor. Of course, then, there’s the prom dress which should complete the look. If you are heading out to the local prom, then there are a few things that you may want to keep an eye out for. When choosing the foundation cream, choose one that is closest to your skin tone, and apply the same as the base, to cover up those blemishes. And when it comes to eye shadows, make sure that you groom your eyebrows, and choose the right color eye shadow, one that complements your skin tone and even the dress you plan to wear to the prom.


It is your big day, and naturally, you would want to look your best. When it comes to bridal makeup, the first thing that you would notice is that most bridal makeups, tend to be about enhancing the soft look, as a perfect way to match the wedding dress. You may need to book an appointment at the nearest parlor and get your bridal makeup done. When it comes to bridal makeup, chances are that your foundation would be sprayed on with the help of an airbrush, so that it lends your skin a flawless and natural appearance. What’s more, it gives you an even foundation to build on, and attain that perfect look in the process. Make sure that you opt for the right eye shadows and do use eye and lip liner to make both your eyes and the rest of your face pop on your special day.


Think dark, and then think ‘nuances of darkness’ and you would have goth makeup down pat. When it comes to goth makeup, you can go in for a complete goth look, complete with a stark white base, and then use dark eye shadows, dark eyeliners, dark lipsticks to accentuate the look. There are different variations that you can try out but dark hues for eye shadows and/or lipsticks are the common denominator. The interesting thing about goth looks is that you can vary it as you like, but the ‘dark hues with pale base’ remain the same. You can also experiment with different shades of black, grey, purple and even red tones, and see which ones are a good fit for you. Just remember that when it comes to Goth looks, and goth makeups, you may need a few accessories to spice it up, such as ready to wear tattoos, etc.


If you are getting increasingly worried about the fact that you seem to look your age, then you can always opt for some anti-aging makeup which can help you look a lot younger than you happen to be. You can try on mineral makeups, and even try out anti-aging moisturizers which can help tighten those wrinkles. And when it comes to lipstick, try to go for natural ones, which can help complement your face and help you look younger as well.

These are the various types of makeups that you may want to take a closer look at, and follow the tips and suggestions posted as well. When it comes to makeup, it is important to apply a foundation that is as close as possible to your natural skin tone. First, determine whether your skin is too dry or oily, then the skin tone – you need to then purchase the right foundation cream for your skin type. You can use this foundation, as the perfect base for your makeup and you can customize and style it accordingly.

When it comes to applying makeup you may want to opt for airbrush instead of using traditional tools for applying the makeup. You can use the airbrush to spray on the makeup, and it should look natural, great and last you longer as well. But it goes without saying that you need to select the right colors for your makeup. If you are still not sure about what sort of makeup to go for, you can always ask around since other’s feedback may well prove to be useful. So, irrespective of whether you use an airbrush or traditional tools to apply your makeup, remember to choose the right shades.


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