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When it comes to hair and hairstyles, you may want to pay attention to the same – since the perfect hairstyle could well accentuate your looks. Women have been using various hairstyles as a way to attract more attention since time immemorial. But today, hairstyles have long since evolved into various types from complex plaits to hair buns, ponytails and more. It is time that you took a closer look at some of the trending hairstyles and co-opted the same for that fashionable look. All you need to do is to master a few trendy and easy hairstyles and soon, you should be able to flaunt some outstanding hairstyles, all day long. Check out some of the trendy hairstyles, which should be perfect for any occasion.


Though it would be hard to pass off this hairstyle, at a formal occasion, it should be fine for all the other occasions. One of the reasons that this hairstyle ranks high is on account of its ease of use. Just check out the easy step by step directions and you should be able to design your half-up, half-down ponytail with ease, The first thing that you need to do is to shampoo your hair and wash it with conditioner. Once that’s done, you can dry it – now, you need to separate your hair into two sections, top, and bottom. Use a comb to brush the top portion and tie it into a ponytail. And secure the same, using a hair tie or clip, that’s it.


If you happen to have thick locks and just do not have the time to try out complicated hairstyles, then this is the one for you. All you need to do is to brush your hair, de-entangle it, and make a simple ponytail. Now, twist the ponytail into a simple bun and affix it into place with a few trendy hairclips. That’s it and this hairstyle should be perfect for informal sessions, parties, and other occasions as well.


If you happen to love wearing your hair with a ponytail but feel that the style is getting a tad stale, you may want to try this ‘look’. It is a ponytail with a twist or two, and a style that you can perfect in less than 5 minutes. Just brush your hair, gather it into a ponytail at the back, loosen up hair a tad at the base of the ponytail and then, twist the ponytail so that it stands out.


If you happen to be getting a tad frustrated with trying out the same old hairstyles, then perhaps, it is time you opted to try out something new. The good news is that this particular hairstyle is not complicated and you should be able to try it out in less than 5 minutes. Brush your hair and once you have brushed it, give your hair a center parting. Now, take some of the bangs on one side of your hair, twist it to the back of your head. Repeat it with the other side of your head as well. Now, fix the two twisted braids to the back of your head and secure it in place with bobby pin; and that’s it.


This happens to be one of the easiest hairstyles that are perfect for women on the go. All you need to do is to brush your hair and to gather it all at the back. Now, gather it together and form a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Now, leave a two-inch gap, add the hair tie as you go and you should be able to perfect the ‘bubble ponytail’.


This is a fun hairstyle to adopt and one that you should be able to perfect in a matter of minutes. First, brush your hair and de-entangle it – after which, you can fashion your hair into a simple ponytail. Tie the ponytail into place with a hair tie, and braid the rest of your air and use a hair tie at the bottom as well. Now, twist the braids around the base of the ponytail and affix it in place with bobby pins – that’s it. It certainly makes you look elegant and stylish and the hairstyle should make you stand out for the right reasons


This is a simple style to co-opt; all you need to do is to brush your hair to one side of your head. Now, divide your hair into three sections and braid it, after which, affix the hair tie before you reach the end. Gently pull on the braids to make it puff up slightly as this should add volume and your look would be perfect.

  • LOW BUN:

This is yet another simple hairstyle that you should be able to use for most occasions with ease. First, brush your hair and tie it in a loose ponytail. Now take the ends of the ponytail, and affix it above the ponytail in the gap, with your ponytail. And affix it in place with hair clips or bobby pins.


If you love long ponytails but feel that you cannot try out the same on account of your hair length – then you may want to check this out. This involves tying the ponytail a lot higher on the back of your head – thereby giving your ponytail more volume and length. Just comb your hair, de-entangle it, and brush your hair to the back of your head into a ponytail.


This is one of the easiest hairstyles and one that should leave you looking great, no matter the occasion. Just take three parallel strands of hair from the top of your head, and gently braid the three stands one at a time. Now, continue the process until the end and secure it in place with a hair tie. Your French braid look should be complete.

These are some of the top-rated, easy hairstyles that you may want to try out for most occasions, so check them out.

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